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c gdb programming
2018-12-21 10:51:43
2018-12-21 11:00:00
2019-01-21 11:00:00
When compiling compile with the -g flag. This will tell the compiler to export labels etc. in such way that gdb can use it.
break line               : b line        : create a breakpoint in the current ~module~ at line line
break module:line        : b module:line : Create a breakpoint in module module at line line
continue                 : c             : continues the program (run untill next breakpoint
delete breakpoint number : d br number   : deletes breakpoint number
                         : d number      :
delete breakpoints       :               : Delete all breakpoint (interactive)
display var              :               : after every step (s) or next (n) the variable  will be displayed
info breakpoints         : i b           : List all defined breakpoints
next                     : n             : Progress one line of code (step over functions)
print var                : p var         : print var one time
quit                     : q             : Quit debugging and exit gdb
run                      : r             : runs the program
step                     : s             : Progress one line of code (step into a function)