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2018-11-13 13:10:31
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We can have a nice look behind the scenes of the web.
One of the major news-sites in the netherlands ( apparently uses plista as (one of of its) data brokers (or so).

I tried to follow a link on the site. This resulted in :

This roughly translates to "This page is not functioning. can't process this request currently".

What will happen if I go to directly: shows us (a subset of) what they know about me. This illustrates perfectly how these organisations make there money. They gather as much information/data of your surfing habits (and yourself) for profit (can be anything ofcourse).

Just for fun have a look at the indicated webpage
Yes...there is wolf in sheepsclothes....
If you have a look at the site, you see that they flourish with/from your online surfing habits.