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Oracle 18c
2018-10-16 11:02:37
2018-10-16 12:00:00
2018-11-16 12:00:00
Oracle 18c
Today I installed oracle 18c on my Fedora 28 Desktop machine. You might think that is some kind of a's not.
It was actually quite easy. was also a little disturbing, but I will come to that shortly.
What have I done:
  1. Download the software
  2. Unpack the software
  3. Install the software
  4. Run dbca to create the database (including a tenant)
  5. Go and play
Was it really that simple....YES.

Download the software
Downloading the sowftware was quite easy ofcourse. The URL I navigated to was :

It looks somewhat like:

Quite a dowload (4.3 GB :-))
Don't forget to Accept the License Agreement.
Choose the platform you need...and GO.

Unpack the software
  1. Create a directory you want the software to be in!!!!!
  2. Move your download into that directory
  3. Unpack the will create the software directory right there
This was, for me at least, somewhat disturbing. The place where you unpack the archive/download, is your Oracle Home!!!!!

Install the software
You still have to run ./ This will at my not supported distro give you:

And then you can continue:

Run dbca to create the database (including a tenant)
Running the dbca is also easy peasy....
Just like always...

Go and play
Just do it...go and play.....

But...take care, I've installed/configured 100 of Oracle RDBMS installations in my careeer and I created so much databases...
Above is not even the beginning of an install guide or something like it. It's more like a teaser to lure you to Oracle RDBMS 18c :-)